Tendinopathy / Tendinitis

What is tendinopathy and  tendinitis ?

Tendinopathy is the issues associated with tendon,  we it call tendinitis when we find out the tendon has inflammation. According to physioworks in QLD, inflammation is actually only a very rare cause of tendon pain. But many doctors may still use the term tendinitis out of habit.

What are the contributing factors?

The most common scenario is overloaded or overused with a repetitive loading (action). This is often associated with people job or habits.

Researchers current opinion implicates the cumulative microtrauma associated with high tensile and compressive forces generated during sport or an activity causes a tendinopathy (physioworks.com.au)

Why Massage is good for tendinopathy or tendinitis?

Tendon is the tissue which is between muscle and bone.  It means we reduce the tension of muscle, it would reduce tension of tendon too. The benefit from massage is reducing the muscle tension, increase nutrition in muscles and tendons which would accelerate the recover period. 

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