Headache - Migraine

What is Migraine?

According Davidoff 1995, migraine headache is a paroxysmal eurological disorder with many signs and symptoms. 

Why Massage is important for headaches?

In 1983 Travell Simons demestrates tthat trigger points in muscles can cause head and neck pain. . In addition,  the tension of muscle is associated with peoples posture and a bad posture could lead headache.  A study points that 26 out of 27 people suffering headaches had postural dysfunctions.(Cady, Fox, 1995). 

Should I see Doctor or get remedial  Massage therapy ?

If your symptoms includes any one of following - Aura, nausea or vomiting fever, please consult with GP first .

On the other hand, you can consider to find a remedial massage therapist to reduce trigger points, maintain tension of muscles which also able to improve your posture. 

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